Meet MagicBot: The humanoid robot that can roast food, fold clothes, water plants and more

In a captivating video released by MagicLab, the innovative startup introduces its latest creation, MagicBot, a humanoid robot that goes beyond traditional capabilities, displaying remarkable skills in various everyday tasks. MagicLab initially unveiled its humanoid design in January, positioning it as a strong competitor to Boston Dynamics’ agile Atlas robot. The earlier reveal emphasized the robot’s […]


Samsung’s Ballie is a ball-shaped AI companion robot

Ballie is Samsung’s charming and highly capable robotic companion that promises to redefine your smart home experience. Initially showcased as a prototype four years ago, Ballie has evolved into a truly autonomous, AI-powered ball designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily life. Described by Samsung as “your true AI companion,” Ballie goes beyond the conventional […]


AI robots can now beat humans in puzzles that require physical dexterity

Artificial intelligence has long dominated cognitively intensive games, showcasing prowess in chess, poker, and Go. However, the gap between AI and human capabilities in physically demanding games has remained challenging to bridge. However, it seems that this is now changing thanks to a groundbreaking robotic system developed by researchers at Switzerland’s ETH Zurich called CyberRunner. […]


Robot assistants can learn how to tidy up messy rooms by using AI

A large language model (LLM) has been successfully used by researchers at Princeton University’s School of Engineering to assist a robotic manipulator in understanding commands to organize a room. Manipulators, or robotic arms, are excellent at carrying out specified duties. The manipulator can assemble machine parts, paint cars, and even carve sculptures in a factory […]


Scientists equipped a Boston Dynamics robot dog with ChatGPT

Recently, a group of engineers gave a Boston Dynamics robot dog voice modulation from Google’s Text-to-Speech and OpenAI’s ChatGPT so that it could converse with them and respond to their inquiries. In a video uploaded to Twitter, machine learning expert Santiago Valdarrama demonstrated how he and a coworker used OpenAI’s hugely popular application to train […]


Self-Replicating Xenobots made from frog cells hold potential for science and medicine

In the natural world, the majority of living beings reproduce through sexual reproduction or asexual reproduction via cloning. However, a novel method of propagation has emerged where newly developed autonomous robots are capable of self-replication by forming cell clusters and generating new replicas of themselves. To further explain, the Xenobots are a type of man-made […]


Lizard-like robots could replace Mars rovers

Exploring Mars is a challenging task. Getting there is a difficult task itself, but traveling on the surface of the Red Planet is tricky as well because of the many craters and boulders. So what if we sent lizard-like robots instead of rovers? Researchers from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) created such a […]


Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot can now grab and throw items

Atlas, the humanoid robot the is being developed by Boston Dynamics, has learned even more astonishing new skills. The robot manufacturing company published a film titled “Atlas Gets a Grip,” in which the parkour expert demonstrated its problem-solving abilities. In it, the robot easily maneuvers around a mock-up building site and even throws a bag […]