Meet MagicBot: The humanoid robot that can roast food, fold clothes, water plants and more

In a captivating video released by MagicLab, the innovative startup introduces its latest creation, MagicBot, a humanoid robot that goes beyond traditional capabilities, displaying remarkable skills in various everyday tasks. MagicLab initially unveiled its humanoid design in January, positioning it as a strong competitor to Boston Dynamics’ agile Atlas robot. The earlier reveal emphasized the robot’s exceptional balance, dexterity, and even showcased its capability to execute somersaults.

In the recent video, MagicBot, controlled remotely, starts by grabbing a skewer to pierce a marshmallow and skillfully roasting it over a barbecue grill. The robot then surprises viewers by neatly folding baby clothes and dancing to upbeat music with remarkable agility. Exhibiting human-like care, MagicBot waters a plant with delicate touches on its leaves, showcasing a level of precision that goes beyond traditional robotics. The magic continues as MagicBot “transforms” an egg into a ball, demonstrating its impressive skill in handling small objects with smoothness and agility.

The development team credits the robot’s capabilities to a blend of miniature high-torque servo actuators and sensitive multi-dimensional pressure sensors that contribute to crafting an exceptionally dexterous hand. The six miniaturized servo actuators play a crucial role in facilitating a wide array of object manipulations, providing users with an intuitive and swift handling experience. With sub-millimeter positioning accuracy and the ability to handle several kilograms of load capacity, MagicBot’s hand can adeptly grasp objects of diverse shapes, sizes, weights, and substances.

Claiming to mimic approximately 70 percent of all human hand gestures, the team envisions MagicBot’s versatility revolutionizing various domains, from specialized industrial tasks to service applications. This includes hazardous material handling, public service, and domestic operations.

MagicLab’s humanoid model incorporates proprietary D190 joint motor modules, delivering impressive torque capabilities. Paired with specialized actuators, the robot can handle voltage fluctuations and achieve precise manipulation. A strategic weight redistribution toward the thighs and hips enhances the robot’s dynamic stability and maneuverability during leaps and jumps.

The electrically driven design, according to MagicLab, not only matches but surpasses hydraulic counterparts in performance. It offers cost efficiency, compactness, and a lighter build, reducing energy consumption and minimizing environmental risks associated with fluid leaks. The startup claims this approach marks a new era in humanoid robotics, where agility, affordability, and sustainability seamlessly converge.

MagicBot’s versatility positions it as a valuable asset for deployment across various scenarios, from search and rescue missions to sports, entertainment, industrial automation, logistics, and transportation. By enhancing work efficiency and alleviating human workload, MagicLab aims to revolutionize these sectors with the multifaceted capabilities of MagicBot.

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