AI startup unveiled Devin – the AI software engineer

AI startup Cognition Labs has just unveiled Devin, a groundbreaking AI tool poised to revolutionize the field of software engineering. Devin represents a significant leap forward in artificial intelligence, boasting unprecedented capabilities that enable it to autonomously code and complete engineering tasks. With those skillsets it can even work on platforms like Upwork, or refine […]


OpenAI’s Sora transforms text into captivating videos

AI startup OpenAI continues to push the boundaries of generative AI with the introduction of Sora, a text-to-video model designed to create photorealistic videos based on user prompts. In a race with other tech giants like Google and Microsoft, OpenAI aims to solidify its position in the projected $1.3 trillion generative AI market. Sora’s unique […]


NVIDIA released a personal AI chatbot that runs locally on your device

NVIDIA has introduced Chat with RTX, a local chatbot that runs directly on your PC, providing users with the ability to access their files and documents for personalized and contextually aware interactions. Unlike traditional chatbots that often rely on cloud processing, Chat with RTX allows users to process sensitive data locally, enhancing both safety and […]


Samsung’s Ballie is a ball-shaped AI companion robot

Ballie is Samsung’s charming and highly capable robotic companion that promises to redefine your smart home experience. Initially showcased as a prototype four years ago, Ballie has evolved into a truly autonomous, AI-powered ball designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily life. Described by Samsung as “your true AI companion,” Ballie goes beyond the conventional […]


Rabbit R1: The future of personal AI?

In a stunning debut at CES 2024, Rabbit, the Santa Monica-based AI startup, unleashed a cool AI device named the Rabbit R1. Initially targeting 500 units, the company saw an overwhelming response, selling a staggering 10,000 devices on the first day of pre-sale. Priced at an affordable $199, the R1 could probably reshape the landscape […]


AI robots can now beat humans in puzzles that require physical dexterity

Artificial intelligence has long dominated cognitively intensive games, showcasing prowess in chess, poker, and Go. However, the gap between AI and human capabilities in physically demanding games has remained challenging to bridge. However, it seems that this is now changing thanks to a groundbreaking robotic system developed by researchers at Switzerland’s ETH Zurich called CyberRunner. […]


Robot assistants can learn how to tidy up messy rooms by using AI

A large language model (LLM) has been successfully used by researchers at Princeton University’s School of Engineering to assist a robotic manipulator in understanding commands to organize a room. Manipulators, or robotic arms, are excellent at carrying out specified duties. The manipulator can assemble machine parts, paint cars, and even carve sculptures in a factory […]

Science Technology

Silver nanowire networks demonstrate brain-like learning and memory abilities

In recent times, generative AI models such as ChatGPT and DALL-E have enabled the production of substantial amounts of creative content that resembles human-like, high-quality output using basic prompts. Although current AI systems are highly capable and excel in tasks related to recognizing patterns in big data, they do not possess the same kind of […]


ChatGPT can forecast stock movements, says a finance professor

Large language models like ChatGPT could be effective for forecasting stock values, according to Alejandro Lopez-Lira, a finance professor at the University of Florida. He utilized the famous AI software to interpret news headlines to determine if they were positive or negative for a stock and discovered that ChatGPT’s ability to forecast the direction of […]


AI used human brain waves to successfully regenerate images

Researchers at Japan’s Osaka University have made significant advancements in the field of creating amazingly detailed visual images using generative AI programs. Scientists used artificial intelligence to recreate precise, high-resolution images from the brain activity that people produce when they gaze at images in front of them. In the recent study, researchers from Osaka’s Graduate […]