Scientists discovered a new quasi-moon of Earth

According to a new study, Earth now has a new “quasi-moon”. A quasi-moon is a space rock that orbits the Earth but is gravitationally bound by the sun. One of only a few known quasi-satellites, 2023 FW13 was found by astronomers using the Pan-STARRS telescope at the summit of the Haleakala volcano in Hawaii. According to experts, the […]

Deep Thinking

Will the Moon ever leave Earth?

For thousands of years, civilizations have used the moon’s motion to determine the month since the moon’s orbit appears to be so regular. The moon, however, is actually progressively moving away from Earth. So, the question is, will Earth eventually lose its moon? With the use of reflective panels that NASA positioned on the moon […]


Water on Earth likely older than our sun

Have you ever wondered how old is the water we drink every day on Earth? Well, we might have an answer that will surprise you. According to a recent study, it seems that the water is billions of years old, and it was formed long before the Sun, planets, and comets formed in our solar […]