This perfectly synced planetary system sparked alien technology search

Around 100 light-years from our solar system there is a planetary system, which is remarkable because of an unexpected reason. Namely, around a temperate orange dwarf, there are six orbiting exoplanets, which find themselves in perfect orbital resonance. This rare alignment, discovered around the star HD 110067, has persisted since its formation approximately a billion years […]


Jupiter’s Europa generates enough oxygen in 24 hours to keep a million humans breathing for a day

Europa, Jupiter’s icy moon, has long captivated scientists with its potential to harbor life beneath its frigid surface. Recent revelations from NASA’s Juno mission have added a new layer of intrigue, as researchers have recalculated the moon’s oxygen production rate. Published in Nature Astronomy, these findings challenge previous estimates. The scientists behind NASA’s Juno mission […]


Astronomers discover a strange star that looks like a sandwich

Astronomers have spotted an unusual star about 800 light years away that bears a striking resemblance to a sandwich, earning it the whimsical moniker “Dracula’s Chivito.” This stellar discovery, resembling Uruguay’s national dish, provides a captivating glimpse into the early stages of star system formation. Dracula’s Chivito, as affectionately named by its discoverers, is a […]


Scientists finally found the reason why comets glow green

A team of chemists has unraveled the long-standing mystery behind the green glow of comets’ heads, providing crucial insights into the celestial phenomenon that has puzzled researchers for decades. The key to this revelation lies in the examination of an elusive molecule, dicarbon, which exists fleetingly on Earth but plays a vital role in cometary […]


Stunning NASA image shows twin volcanic eruptions on Io

Jupiter’s enigmatic moon, Io, has once again seized the attention of astronomers, courtesy of NASA’s Juno probe. The latest image, captured from approximately 2,400 miles (3,860 km) away, showcases the celestial spectacle of twin eruptions on Io’s surface. Renowned as the most volcanically active body in our Solar System, Io reveals faint yet distinctive gaseous […]


Hidden ocean discovered on Saturn’s unsuspecting moon

Astronomers made a surprising revelation about Mimas, one of Saturn’s moons, famously known as the “Death Star.” This diminutive moon, seemingly an unlikely candidate for harboring life, has been found to potentially host a vast, hidden liquid ocean beneath its icy exterior, redefining our understanding of celestial bodies with habitable conditions. Mimas, with its distinctive large […]


NASA and ESA will launch a gravitational wave observatory in space

Embarking on a cosmic endeavor to decipher the universe’s deepest secrets, NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) are gearing up for the groundbreaking Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) mission. The collaboration recently secured approval for constructing its flight hardware, marking a pivotal milestone in the quest to unveil the mysteries hidden within gravitational waves. […]

Deep Thinking

How can we know what the Milky Way looks like?

Our telescopes have captured breathtaking images of the visible parts of our galaxy, but the vastness and complexity of the Milky Way pose significant challenges for astronomers. The enigmatic appearance of the Milky Way across Earth’s night sky sparked centuries of debate among astronomers and philosophers. The name describes the galaxy’s appearance as seen from […]


A strange galaxy without any stars discovered by astronomers

In the vast expanse of the cosmos, a recent celestial revelation challenges our traditional notions of galaxies. Discovered serendipitously, the enigmatic object named J0613+52, positioned a staggering 270 million light-years away, defies expectations by appearing devoid of visible stars. Unlike the glittering galaxies that populate our night sky, this colossal entity stands alone as a […]