Deep Thinking

Is it possible for static electricity to ignite a fire?

Zaps of static electricity are a familiar occurrence in our daily lives, those surprising jolts that accompany moments like rubbing socks on a carpet or running a plastic comb through our hair. But could these seemingly harmless sparks have the potential to ignite a fire? Static electricity arises from an imbalance between negative and positive […]


EVs could travel 1000 km on one charge with silicon-gel electrolyte system

In an era where sustainability is steering the future of transportation, electric vehicle (EV) technology has seen significant breakthroughs. One major challenge, battery range, has been under the spotlight as the automotive industry strives for widespread EV adoption. While current EVs offer around 700 km (435 miles) on a single charge, a team of researchers […]


The Battery Tanker can transport clean electricity overseas

A Japanese startup called PowerX is proposing a maritime method to move clean energy from regions rich in renewable resources to regions lacking in green energy sources. The company unveiled a detailed design of the first-ever “Battery Tanker,” dubbed Ship X, with the goal of completing it by 2025, in order to facilitate such transport. […]


Newly created material can generate clean electricity from the air around it

Researchers recently developed a material that can produce electricity almost continuously using only the surrounding air, potentially laying the foundation for a brand-new, nearly limitless source of sustainable, renewable energy. By doing this and building on their earlier discoveries, they now assert that practically any surface may be capable of being converted into a generator […]


Portable power station with solar and wind charging

The Gendome Home 3000 is designed with a 3,072Wh battery capacity and 3,000W power output (thus the name), powered by EV-grade LiFePO4 cells. It is about the same size as a Mac Pro and has wheels on the bottom so you can move it about the room or even into the trunk of your car […]