Stunning NASA image shows twin volcanic eruptions on Io

Jupiter’s enigmatic moon, Io, has once again seized the attention of astronomers, courtesy of NASA’s Juno probe. The latest image, captured from approximately 2,400 miles (3,860 km) away, showcases the celestial spectacle of twin eruptions on Io’s surface. Renowned as the most volcanically active body in our Solar System, Io reveals faint yet distinctive gaseous […]


Hidden ocean discovered on Saturn’s unsuspecting moon

Astronomers made a surprising revelation about Mimas, one of Saturn’s moons, famously known as the “Death Star.” This diminutive moon, seemingly an unlikely candidate for harboring life, has been found to potentially host a vast, hidden liquid ocean beneath its icy exterior, redefining our understanding of celestial bodies with habitable conditions. Mimas, with its distinctive large […]


Scientists discovered a new quasi-moon of Earth

According to a new study, Earth now has a new “quasi-moon”. A quasi-moon is a space rock that orbits the Earth but is gravitationally bound by the sun. One of only a few known quasi-satellites, 2023 FW13 was found by astronomers using the Pan-STARRS telescope at the summit of the Haleakala volcano in Hawaii. According to experts, the […]


This is why Japanese lunar lander crashed on the Moon

After completing its analysis of the data from the unsuccessful Hakuto-R lunar landing, Japan’s private company ispace has concluded that difficult terrain and a last-minute alteration in the landing site are to blame. It appears that Hakuto-R successfully completed the entire deceleration phase in order to prepare for landing on the lunar terrain. When the […]

Science Technology

Private Japanese lunar lander crashed on the Moon

Japanese startup ispace failed to complete the first private landing on the Moon in human’s history. Engineers discovered that they could no longer connect with the Hakuto-R Mission 1 lander as it drew nearer to the Moon’s surface. Shortly after the expected landing, the CEO of the company Takeshi Hakamada said that “we have to […]

Deep Thinking

Will the Moon ever leave Earth?

For thousands of years, civilizations have used the moon’s motion to determine the month since the moon’s orbit appears to be so regular. The moon, however, is actually progressively moving away from Earth. So, the question is, will Earth eventually lose its moon? With the use of reflective panels that NASA positioned on the moon […]


Hyundai starts working on a lunar exploration rover

Leading South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Group recently declared its entry into the space exploration sector. The business disclosed its plans to produce a lunar exploration rover in partnership with a number of Korean research institutions. The ambitious project intends to develop a flexible mobility platform with cutting-edge autonomous driving, solar charging, thermal management, and […]