Scientists equipped a Boston Dynamics robot dog with ChatGPT

Recently, a group of engineers gave a Boston Dynamics robot dog voice modulation from Google’s Text-to-Speech and OpenAI’s ChatGPT so that it could converse with them and respond to their inquiries.

In a video uploaded to Twitter, machine learning expert Santiago Valdarrama demonstrated how he and a coworker used OpenAI’s hugely popular application to train a Spot robot dog to verbally respond to system questions.

He explains that these robots run automated missions every day, capture tons of data and that there is no simple way to query all of it on demand. “Each mission uses miles-long, hard-to-understand configuration files. Only technical people can handle them,” Valdarrama adds.

“That’s where ChatGPT comes in. We show it the configuration files and the mission results. We then ask questions using that context. Put that together with a voice-enabled interface, and we have an awesome way to query our data! We can now ask the robots about past and future missions and get an answer in real-time. ChatGPT interprets the question, parses the files, and formulates the answer. Massive upgrade!” he concludes.

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