Scientists equipped a Boston Dynamics robot dog with ChatGPT

Recently, a group of engineers gave a Boston Dynamics robot dog voice modulation from Google’s Text-to-Speech and OpenAI’s ChatGPT so that it could converse with them and respond to their inquiries. In a video uploaded to Twitter, machine learning expert Santiago Valdarrama demonstrated how he and a coworker used OpenAI’s hugely popular application to train […]


ChatGPT can forecast stock movements, says a finance professor

Large language models like ChatGPT could be effective for forecasting stock values, according to Alejandro Lopez-Lira, a finance professor at the University of Florida. He utilized the famous AI software to interpret news headlines to determine if they were positive or negative for a stock and discovered that ChatGPT’s ability to forecast the direction of […]


Microsoft announces new Bing powered by ChatGPT

The same AI technology that powers the chatbot ChatGPT has been updated and included in the latest edition of Microsoft’s Bing search engine. A fresh experience for exploring the web and obtaining information online is promised by the firm as it introduces the product alongside new AI-enhanced features for its Edge browser. At a launch […]