This laser tape measure with LCD display is the only one you’ll ever need

A laser, a digital display, and a tape measure are all included in the ACEGMET DP20 Laser Measure Device. This feature-rich instrument offers standard real-time volume, area, and indirect measuring capabilities. You can acquire readings day or night thanks to an easily readable illuminated display. Additionally, the pocket-sized tool’s Laser accuracy technology enables it to take quick, accurate measurements up to 131 feet (60 meters), allowing you to size up the work in a matter of seconds.

A 5m/16ft AutoLock tape for short-distance measurements is included with the DP20. The 60m/131ft laser also satisfies the need for long-distance measuring with a top-mounted, bright, and simple-to-read LCD window. The additional features of the app allow you to quickly draw floors.

Simply place the red laser dot on the object you want to measure, and you’ll obtain a measurement down to fractions of an inch practically immediately. The “Laser Mode” button allows you to store your measurements in addition to easily switching between the area, volume, and Pythagoras measurement methods. DP20 will automatically determine a room’s area and volume, or the lengths of a triangle’s many sides, given the right data.

The device also has a special “Unit” button for swiftly switching between M/In/Ft. It uses a lithium-ion battery for its electronic power source, and the laser tape measure is rechargeable, economical, and durable.

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