This laser tape measure with LCD display is the only one you’ll ever need

A laser, a digital display, and a tape measure are all included in the ACEGMET DP20 Laser Measure Device. This feature-rich instrument offers standard real-time volume, area, and indirect measuring capabilities. You can acquire readings day or night thanks to an easily readable illuminated display. Additionally, the pocket-sized tool’s Laser accuracy technology enables it to take […]


The laser projection keyboard is both versatile and convenient

The Round Button Laser Projection Keyboard features an English QWERTY layout with a calculated round key design. The round buttons on this keyboard are strategically spaced, eliminating the chances of hitting the wrong key. Say goodbye to frustrating mistypes and enjoy smoother and more precise typing. Compatibility is key when it comes to technology, and […]


High-powered lasers can save us from lightnings

Since Benjamin Franklin’s time, lightning rods have been used to securely direct strikes into the ground, but due to their limited range (about the same radius as the height) and fixed-in-place construction, they are inefficient for securing broad regions. A system using a powerful laser that could revolutionize lightning protection is currently being developed by scientists […]