Neck lights might be the best solution to night reading

A neck light is a compact and hands-free lighting solution designed to enhance comfort and convenience during activities that require focused illumination, like reading. But it can also be useful for knitting, fixing things at your home, or even running outside. The design focuses on improved comfort and stability.

In terms of functionality, the upgraded neck light simplifies the on/off process with a single press, a departure from the multiple-press systems of other models. The addition of a timer feature, automatically turning off after 30 minutes, caters to those who may nod off during bedtime reading. Power indicators keep users informed about the remaining battery life, adding a practical touch. The lighting options are versatile, offering three color modes: yellow (1800K) for a cozy atmosphere, warm white (3400K) for general reading, and cool white (6000K) for focused concentration. Two separate buttons handle color and brightness adjustments, providing a customizable lighting experience free from harshness or flickering.

The rechargeable aspect of the neck light aligns with sustainability, utilizing USB-C fast charging. The included premium 1000mAh battery ensures a commendable 80 hours of non-diminishing brightness, equivalent to at least 20 days of daily 30-minute reading sessions, even at the highest brightness level. The narrow beam angle design directs light precisely while remaining unobtrusive to sleeping partners.

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