Neck lights might be the best solution to night reading

A neck light is a compact and hands-free lighting solution designed to enhance comfort and convenience during activities that require focused illumination, like reading. But it can also be useful for knitting, fixing things at your home, or even running outside. The design focuses on improved comfort and stability. In terms of functionality, the upgraded neck […]

Deep Thinking

Why do insects like artificial lights?

We’ve all seen swarms of insects flying around lamps and other lights after the sun goes down. However, insects like moths, gnats, and mosquitoes that fly around artificial lighting risk dying because they may become trapped under lamp shades and exposed to predators like beetles, spiders, bats, and birds. This “stupid circling” can even divert […]


New research reveals that gravity can produce light

Researchers have found evidence that the early universe’s unusual conditions may have caused space-time to move violently enough to spontaneously produce radiation. Despite gravity being one of the most fundamental forces in the universe, this exciting discovery makes us reevaluate our understanding of gravity as a whole. The fundamental hypothesis underlying the idea that gravity […]