Turn your smartphone into a camera with this accessory kit

With ShiftCam’s SnapGrip Creator Kit, you can hold your smartphone like a camera while it charges, and it can also light up the area, and offer steady tabletop support. It practically attaches itself and the design and engineering are superb. Smartphones have always been great for taking quick snaps, but in the hands of talented creators, they evolve into serious photographic tools. The new models have a variety of options for resolution, color balance, and sharpness but one of the flaws that still remain is their shape. By offering a comfortable camera-like grip and a Bluetooth-enabled shutter release button, the SnapGrip from ShiftCam solves the problem. The grip contains a 3200mAh battery that uses MagSafe to recharge your phone. It has a matte finish and weighs roughly 4.5 ounces (127g). The SnapGrip may be used as a temporary smartphone support when turned on its end, which is ideal for Zoom calls. The SnapGrip serves as the core of a full system. The SnapGrip is included in the Creator Kit along with three additional practical attachments. The SnapLight, a little ring light that magnetically fastens to the SnapGrip, is the true highlight here. The SnapLight can be turned 180 degrees to match the shooting position and features an internal rechargeable battery. In the center, there is a mirror as well, but it is a bit too small to frame a selfie properly. The SnapPod and a fitting protective case are the other products in the SnapGrip Creator Kit. The former may support the SnapLight and be used independently of the smartphone, or it can be mounted to the three-legged base that is included and used as a tabletop tripod. The SnapGrip is compatible with all cell phones, according to ShiftCam. They contain an adhesive Magnetic Sticker for phones without MagSafe, but it seems that the latest iPhone models have an advantage. You get everything in the Creator Kit along with a SnapShoe and ProMic if you upgrade to the SnapGrip Creator Kit Plus. The SnapGrip Creator Kit Max, which is even further up the product ladder, comes with everything mentioned above as well as a TravelPod Pro.

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