MOVA Globe: The self-rotating Earth that needs no charging or batteries

Bring the wonder of outer space into your home with the MOVA Globe. Its beautiful depiction of Earth, complete with clouds, makes for a natural and calming view of our planet. This 4.5 or 6-inch diameter globe fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and rotates silently on its own, utilizing solar cell technology with any ambient indoor light or indirect sunlight.

What makes the MOVA Globe unique is the non-toxic fluids that rest between the inner and outer acrylic shells, creating a low-friction environment. This allows the globe to rotate with ease and reflect the steady rotation of the Earth. The graphic does not label cities or countries, making for an unobstructed view of our planet.

Not only is the MOVA Globe an aesthetically pleasing item for your home, but it is also an environmentally friendly option. With no batteries or wires required, it runs solely on the power of light, saving you money and reducing waste.

With an easy-to-assemble 3-pronged acrylic stand and user manual, this globe makes for an excellent gift item for anyone who loves home decor, technology, world travel, astronomy, or education. It is perfect for sparking conversation and wonder among family and friends.


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