INMO Air – Smart AR glasses that can change your life

Experience the power of super intelligence with the INMO Air wireless glasses, a smart and safe wearable technology equipped with a powerful quad-core processor, HD 720p camera, advanced optical waveguide see-through display, Bluetooth, and WiFi connection. At only 79g, these glasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods.

They are compatible with both Android and iOS devices through the INMO/INMOLENS app. The glasses boast many excellent functions, including capturing moments, streaming videos, voice assistants, answering (or not answering) phone calls, maps, detailed weather information, daily scheduling, seamless notification and message management, music player, social media notifications, and visual/written language translation.

The optical display technology of the INMO Air glasses provides a clear and refreshing visual experience, with specs such as a contrast ratio of 20000:1, 100% sRGB full-color gamut, and light transmittance of 83%. This enhances visuals from daily life, achieves zero occlusion, and provides an excellent visual experience. Equipped with industry-leading display technology of optical waveguide see-through tech, the thickness of the lens is only 1.5mm, which is the same as regular lenses.

These glasses are also myopic-friendly, with a snap-on design that can replace flat lenses, myopia lenses, grinding lenses, and more. Experience the possibilities of wearable technology with the INMO Air wireless glasses and take your daily life to the next level.


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