This electric car can literally shake off snow

In a recent video, Nio, often hailed as China’s Tesla counterpart, revealed a captivating feature of its upcoming luxury electric car, the ET9. Priced at a staggering $112,000 and set for delivery in early 2025, the flagship car showcased an intriguing ability to swiftly shed snow and ice, like a Siberian Husky after some fun in winter.

The magic behind this snow-shaking act lies in the car’s innovative suspension system, aptly named Sky Ride. This cutting-edge system incorporates independent hydraulic pumps for each wheel, creating a unique and visually stunning capability.

However, some skepticism arises when considering the practicality of this feature under diverse weather conditions. While the video presents the ET9 effortlessly handling fluffy, fresh snow, the real test lies in how it copes with challenging scenarios like freezing rain, sleet, and wet snow. The encrustation of windshield wipers and door handles in such conditions could present a more formidable challenge.

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